Annual Meeting 2013

Three Past Presidents

Krissy Jo Bergen 2012-2013 Scholarship Recipient

Bill Moor and Jo Madonna

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The Arizona State University Retirees Association held its 22nd annual meeting on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Reviving a tradition, the munchies for the meeting included a birthday cake celebrating the 22nd birthday of our organization along with fruit, muffins, cookies and assorted other goodies.

Over 35 members attended enjoying the fellowship of their colleagues and the presentations on Association activities.  President Bill Moor acted as host and emcee for the meeting. ASURA's 2012-2013 Annual Report was made available to attendees.

Sue Blumer, Chair of the Scholarship committee, introduced this year’s winner of the scholarship, Krissy Jo Bergen. Last year’s winner, Nicholas Smith, was also presented along with the human interest item that he and Krissy Joare engaged.  Both young people are members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.  Nicholas is completing his degree in Business Information Systemsand plans on entering graduate school.  Krissy Jo is completing her degree in psychology and will be pursuing a master’s degree in counseling.  Krissy gave an interesting and informative talk on her program and plans for her future.

Bill Moor presented a brief reprise of the Adopt-A-Family program since Joan Leard, the chair of the program, could not attend the meeting.  This program has garnered considerable support because of the value it is able to provide two families each year.  At Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter an ASU family and a Tempe School District family with children are provided gifts and support to brighten what could be an otherwise dull holiday.

Dave Scheatzle, a technical director for the our ASU Video History project, presented a reprise of the origination of the project and pointed out that over 80 video interviews have been completed, transcribed and put on disc available for others to check out and review.  Dave also discussed that brief video clips are available through the ASURA Internet pages for review.  Dave then presented an enjoyable subset of these video clips.

Dave Scheatzle filled in for Val Peterson to discuss the work being completed on the second 10 years history of ASURA which Val’s history committee is preparing.  It is expected that the final document will be completed and available by the end of the summer.  All that remains are the final editing steps and decisions as to how the copies will be published and made available to interested members.

Bill Moor then introduced the current officers of ASURA, next year’s officers, and new members of the Board.  Bill also made the point that the volunteers who answer the phone and keep the office running are so very valuable to the successful operation of the Association.  In addition Bill extended his personal thanks and appreciation to Carolyn Minner, Business Operations Manager and Carol Moore, Office Staff Coordinator.  Carol Moore then presented the names of all the office staff.  We have the relatively unique situation where office volunteers provide the infrastructure for other volunteers who serve the total.


By Bill Moor