February 2012 - We Love ASU - Collections Day

Moon Rock

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The trips which members experienced on February 20, 2012 were the following:              

The first was a day exploring Tempe Campus during the ASU annual “We Love ASU Collections Day” on Presidents Day, February 20th, 2012. About 15 individuals stepped into some of the hidden treasures to view firsthand the Museums, Archives, Galleries, Special Collections and unique departments involved in research. The areas we visited included the Mars Lander Center and LROC Lunar Orbiting Reconnaissance Center which displays one of the moon rocks from the astronaut’s visit to that big rock in the sky. Our knowledgeable speaker was Meg Hufford who walked us through the history of the program and the building which we were all too young to remember.

Second on the list was the Space Photography Lab with is a federal repository for all the pictures taken in space from telescopes with a presentation by Dr. Dave Williamson. Lunch was enjoyed in the Engrained Restaurant. This was followed by a visit to the Meteorite museum with an expert in the field and member of ASURA Dr. Carleton Moore. Following this we ventured up to the fourth floor of Hayden Library to check out the Arizona Historical Society with their vast collection of Arizona history. An interesting talk was given by Susan Irwin on the legacy project they were just completing on Dr. Sass a historian of the southwest. Space was limited for only a small group due to these areas not normally used to providing group tours. Those who got a peek into the various corners at ASU now know where to find them again for future visits. I am sure they will tell every one of these treasures. We now know that English and Math are only part of the many activities that happen at ASU.


Bill Stasi

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