Board Members Present: Gary Anderson, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Jim Fordemwalt, Elmer Gooding, Doug Johnson, Jo Madonna, Connie McNeill, Rose Minetti, Carolyn Minner, William Moor, Val Peterson, Bill Stasi

Absent: Bob Barnhill, Mary Stevens, Lou Weschler
Ex-Officio Absences: Rojann Alpers, Rachel Montoya, Robert Muscari, Eric Sloan

Committee Chairs Present: Jerry Aronson, Sue Blumer, Alan Johnson, Wilma Mathews, Linda Van Scoy

Guests Present: Hal White


Vice President Connie McNeill called the meeting to order at 10:00am.


Connie welcomed everyone and explained that Present Mary Stevens was unable to attend the meeting and she asked Connie to preside over the meeting today.


Joyce Hartman Diaz asked that section V. A. Scholarship Report of Feb. 10th minutes be amended to read, “Sue Blumer and Joyce Hartman Diaz met briefly on Feb. 8th to discuss scholarship criteria as it has been used in the past by the scholarship committee.” Gary Anderson motioned that the minutes be approved as amended and Val Peterson seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Ex-Officio Reports

  • Emeritus College – No Report
  • Human Resources –No Report
  • University Club – Jim Fordemwalt reported that the University Club is continuing its effort to increase membership. They are holding a series of colloquia. They also hope to hold an open house sometime this spring.
  • University Liaison – No Report
  • University Senate – No Report
  • University Staff Council – No Report


  1. Community Outreach Committee – Sub-Committee Reports
    • Adopt-A-Family – No Report
    • Scholarship Committee – Joyce Hartman Diaz reported that applications are still being received. The applications will be reviewed in early April by the Scholarship Committee.
    • Video History Project – Linda Van Scoy reported that the committee is going to focus on preparing current videos that have been made. She also reported that new lighting equipment has been acquired and that it is very helpful. The committee has asked Mary Stevens to provide a legal option on whether ASURA can sell edited versions of the videos that were made by the previous vendor, Agave.
  2. Events Committee – Sub-Committee Reports
    • Luncheons – No Report
    • Retirees Day – Val Peterson, the event chair, prepared and submitted a written report (available in the ASURA office). He reported that 135 people attended Retirees Day, including 10 people who were guests of members. The event broke even financially. The Board thanked Val for his leadership and complimented the committee on an excellent job.
    • Travel – Bill Stasi reported that the Olive Mill trip sold out with 40 participants and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. He reported that there will be a trip to Copper Canyon in Mexico in October for 8 days. The committee anticipates that it will cost about $1500 and may be limited to 20 – 25 people. There will be informational meetings about this trip. Gary Anderson reported that 20 people are going to China, including one member of the NAU Retirees Association. An issue that should be discussed at a future meeting is whether the Board needs to approve planned events and trips prior to being scheduled or is approval only needed from the Standing Committee.
  3. Finance Committee/Treasurer Report – Joyce Hartman Diaz provided a written, updated financial report (available in ASURA Office).

    She also submitted a 4 page report (available in ASURA office) that summarizes points that need to be discussed regarding ASURA Scholarship Endowment at the ASU Foundation. The foundation agreement was not completed when the Endowment was originally established and this needs to be done now. At today’s meeting Joyce asked the Board to discuss and make decisions on the first two pages of this report.

    The first issue discussed dealt with agreement on the Spending Account. Joyce explained that the administrator for the endowment is the ASU Scholarship Office and ASURA is the donor. The committee recommended Option B in section E of the submitted report. This option gives the Board some flexibility on spending account use. It states that “if in a given year, no use, or only partial use is made of the Fund Payout, the unused amount shall be retained in the spending account.” This would allow the ASURA Board flexibility on how to manage the spending account, i.e. to leave unused amount in the spending account, or to put some of the balance in the spending account back into the endowment account. Elmer Gooding motioned that the Board support Option B, Val Peterson seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

    The second issue discussed was how to deal with any unspent amount still available for spending from the endowment spending account. The committee’s report offered two options. After discussion, Bill Moor motioned that the Board support Option B in Section G of the report and Val Peterson seconded the motion. This option provides that, in the event that the Fund market value falls below the gift value, the Fund Payout will be reduced or terminated until such time as the Fund market value exceeds the Gift Value. This may result in a reduced Fund Payout to the Administrator (the ASU Scholarship Office) unless the Donor (ASURA) makes additional gifts to support the Fund Payout. Such additional gifts may be available due to fund raising activities or from the ASURA Operations and/or Special Projects account. This motion passed unanimously.

    Joyce also reported that the Foundation Support Fee that ASURA is charged is a set amount determined by the fee policy established and approved in accordance with the ASU Foundation bylaws.

    A special ASURA Board meeting will be held 3/24 or 3/31 to discuss the other issues in the committee’s report. Representatives from the Scholarship Office and Foundation will be asked to attend and the meeting date will be determined based on the availability of these representatives.

  4. Government Liaison Council
    • ASRS General – Alan Johnson submitted a written report (available in ASURA office) which discusses the ASRS Annual Report, areas of concern and the good news that the ASRS total fund’s market value continues to rise steadily, although slowly. After the May Board Meeting Alan will be stepping down as the ASURA representative to ASRS.
    • Legislature – Jerry Aronson distributed a written report (available in ASURA office) outlining several House and Senate Bills of interest that are making their way through the legislature. Jerry reported:
      • The omnibus bill, HB 2389, which is likely to be enacted, has passed the House and been sent to the Senate. Included in this bill is the LTD provision for appeals to be heard in executive session. Included also are the ASRS Plan reforms modifying the 80 point rule to 85 and using the highest 5-year’s in the last 10 as the average salary in the benefit calculation. Employer contribution refunds for terminating employees are zero in this bill. Some members of the LLC will continue to lobby in favor of a 25% refund which is the Board’s preference!
      • HB 2390 which would require employers to pay an Alternate Contribution Rate for Return to Work employees appears dead in this session.
      • HB 2341, proposing a new defined contribution plan for new employees, is probably dead in this session.
      • SB 1011 allowing Faculty members to carry concealed weapons on Campus, is still held in committee.
      Jerry offered praise and thanks for Alan Johnson for his many years of service to ASURA and for mentoring others as they assumed roles in the Legislative Liaison Committee.
    • Health Insurance Liaison Council
      • ADOA – No Report
      • ASRS Benefit – Rose Minetti reported that she was sent a “save the date” letter from ASRS for meetings to discuss dental insurance. She will provide updates as available.
    • Membership and Communications Committee
      • Membership Update – Elmer Gooding reported that Human Resources invited ASURA to attend all pre-retirement meetings. ASURA will also have a slide on the PowerPoint presentation at these meetings. He is seeking ASURA volunteers to attend these meetings and make these short presentations. He has prepared a script for the volunteers to use. . Elmer said that Rachel Montoya from HR was very helpful in getting this set up.
      • Web and Technology – Connie McNeill reported that ASURA now has a projector to use for ASURA meetings, etc. The projector cost about $1000. New keyboard trays have been purchased and installed for the office computers. The website will be updated to new technology during the summer months.


New Board Members - Val Peterson reported on the Board elections. The ballots were counted by the executive committee. There were 228 ballots, representing 34% of the total membership. The results will be officially announced at the Annual Meeting and the Board members will take office as of the May Board meeting. Gary Anderson suggested that an orientation be given to the new Board members. Connie McNeill said that she would do it.

Annual Meeting – Val Peterson reported that all of the plans are in place for the meeting. Connie reminded everyone that they should send their annual reports to her so that the ASURA Annual Report can be prepared for distribution at the Annual Meeting.


  1. Officers for 2010/2011 – Connie reported that the officers for the upcoming year will be: Connie McNeill, President, David Schwalm, Vice-President, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Treasurer, and Jo Madonna, Secretary. Bill Moor motioned that this slate of officers be approved and Bill Stasi seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. ASURA Accounts – Associated Fees, Options – Connie McNeill reported that some Foundation fees were accrued when money for the China Trip was deposited and paid out from this account. This was not an anticipated expense and the Board did not think that the travelers should be asked for additional money to cover these fees. Joyce Hartman Diaz motioned that ASURA cover these fees from the operating account. Bill Stasi seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

    Carolyn Minner distributed a report (available in the ASURA office) about Foundation Fees and also information about establishing an ASURA Checking Account outside of the Foundation. Connie wants the Executive Committee to explore options with the Foundation and explore the possibility of opening a non-Foundation checking account as a non-profit organization. Bill Stasi motioned that we explore non-profit status and all reasonable options for a non-Foundation checking account. Jim Fordemwalt seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.


The Annual Meeting will be on Saturday, April 17, 2010. The next regular Board meeting will be on Wednesday, May 12, 2010.


Val Peterson made a motion that the meeting be adjourned and Bill Stasi seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at Noon.