Board Members Present:  Gary Anderson, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Elmer Gooding, Jo Madonna, Connie McNeill, Val Peterson, Eric Sloan, Bill Stasi

Absent: Bob Barnhill, Jim Fordemwalt, Rose Minetti, Carolyn Minner (excused), William Moor (excused), Robert Muscari (excused), Mary Stevens (excused), Lou Weschler;

Ex-Officio Absences:  Sheree Barron,Rojann Alpers, Robert Muscari;

Committee Chairs Present:  Jerry Aronson, Sue Blumer, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson,  Joan Leard, Wilma Mathews

Committee Members and Guests: 


Vice President Connie McNeill called the meeting to order at 10:00am.


Vice President Connie McNeill welcomed everyone and explained that President Mary Stevens asked her to lead the meeting today since Mary was not able to attend.


In order to provide better clarity, Alan Johnson recommended that a sentence in the ASRS report as recorded in section V, D of the December Minutes be removed.  Val Peterson motioned that the minutes be approved as amended and Elmer Gooding seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 

IV.     Ex-Officio Reports

  • Emeritus College - No Report 
  • Human Resources - No Report
  • University Club - No Report
  • University Liaison - Eric Sloan reported that ASU Public Affairs is contacting student groups, ASURA and others to encourage the writing of op/ed pieces in support of the university. Sun Devil Advocates is in support of this effort and Public Affairs is working closely with them. Board Members are asked to e-mail Eric and/or Mary Stevens if they are willing to assist in this endeavor. Eric will prepare some copy for this purpose that may prove helpful if members do wish to participate. Wilma Mathews offered the advice that hard copy letters to legislators are more effective than e-mail notes. Sue Blumer asked if Public Affairs is cooperating and coordinating with other entities, such as the K - 12 schools. Eric said that where possible this is being done. Elmer Gooding and Sue Blumer said that Paul Burgess has developed some good materials regarding the state budget that may be helpful. The Board supported a mailing to the ASURA general membership about this and Eric said that he would draft some wording for the letter.
  • University Senate - No Report
  • University Staff Council -No Report


  1. Community Outreach Committee - Sub-Committee Reports
    • Adopt-A-Family - Joan Leard reported that holiday gifts were given to a Tempe family and the family of one ASU student. Another student declined gifts because her circumstances had improved. Joan reported that no thank you notes were received from the recipients of the gifts
    • Scholarship Committee - No report
    • Video History Project - Linda Van Scoy reported that 4 interviews were on schedule this month. The server space is now available, however, there is some trouble with the uploads. This problem is being worked on.
  2. Events Committee - Sub-committee Reports
    • Luncheons - Jo Madonna reported that the Holiday Pot Luck was held on December 17th and about 42 people attended. She thanked Board members who helped with the set up and the clean up.
    • Retirees Day - Val Peterson reported that all planning is on track for this event. The e-mail invitation has gone out and the paper invitation will be mailed soon. Completed registration forms are due in the office by 2/12. The turnout is expected to be larger than usual because Hugh Downs will give the keynote address.

      Val said that the nominating process is underway for a slate of candidates for the Board elections.  A ballot will be mailed to ASURA members within the next few weeks.

    • Travel - Bill Stasi and Gary Anderson reported that as of this meeting 9 individuals are signed up for the Olive Mill trip and 20 are going to China.
  3. Finance Committee/Treasurer Report - Joyce Hartman Diaz reported that we are halfway through this fiscal year and our financial status remains sound. The January 27th special meeting will be focused on recommendations by the Finance Committee.

    Val Peterson suggested that we ask Public Affairs to support the mailing cost for advocacy mailings.

  4. Government Liaison Council
    • ASRS General - No Report
    • Legislature - Jerry Aronson reported that 2 bills were introduced in the House that are of interest to our members. HB 2065 would allow an exception to the open meeting statue by allowing, upon request, a LTD appeal to be heard in executive session.

      HB 2066 reintroduces ASRS Plan provisions previously considered by the Board.   For members hired on or after July 1, 2011, the factor in the benefit calculation would change from the highest three years in the last five years of service to the highest five years in the last ten.  Also, the 80 point rule would increase to 85. 

      Jerry asked for the Board to reaffirm ASURA's support of these bills so that if he is asked for input he will be authorized to speak on behalf of ASURA.  Joyce Hartman Diaz motioned that the Board support both of these bills and that our ASURA lobbyists be authorized to speak on our behalf.  Jo Madonna seconded the motion.  It carried unanimously.

    • Health Insurance Liaison Council
      • ADOA - No Report
      • ASRS Benefit - No Report
  5. Membership and Communications Committee
    • Membership Update - Elmer Gooding reported that there are more members in ASURA now than at the end of last fiscal year. A letter of invitation to join is about to be sent out to last quarter's retirees. Joyce Hartman Diaz asked if board members could get a list of new retirees so that we could make contact with people we know in order to personally invite them to join. Elmer said that he will send board members this list. Elmer will also look into having an ASURA member present at the university's retirement meetings.
    • Website and Database - No Report


  • Proposed Revised FY 2009-2010 Budget - Connie McNeill went over the revised budget. Connie recommended that overhead fees be bundled into the cost of budget items and no longer shown as a separate item. The proposal was also revised to show that there will be 9 special event mailings instead of 7. Val Peterson made a motion to approve the revised operations budget and Joyce Hartman Diaz seconded it. The motion carried unanimously. Elmer Gooding made a motion to approve the revised special project budget and Val Peterson seconded the motion. This motion also was approved unanimously.
  • Breakfast/Fashion Show and Other Activities Update - Barbara Bradford Eschbach reported that the Breakfast/Fashion Show went very well and because costs were lower than anticipated, the event ended up raising $200 for ASURA.

    She is continuing to work on the proposed Arts and Crafts exhibit.  It may end up being in the Hayden Library.  The Jam Session at Friendship Village is still in the planning stage.  Barbara is working with Gene Lombardi to identify an afternoon for the event.


  • There will be a Special Board Meeting on January 27. The agenda will include a presentation of recommendations by the Finance Committee. There will also be a discussion about fundraising ideas that Board members may have. Wilma Mathews will discuss a possible activity.
  • Connie reported that Lonnie Ostrom has resigned from the Board due to scheduling conflicts. She said that Mary wants to appoint Doug Johnson to fill that position on the Board. Elmer Gooding made a motion that Doug be appointed to the vacancy and Joyce Hartman Diaz seconded the motion. This motion was approved unanimously.
  • The Community Services Building will have an open house on Feb. 9th at 2pm so that every department in the building has an opportunity to be introduced to the mission and staff in other departments. Mary Stevens, Connie McNeill. Carol Moore and Linda Van Scoy will participate for ASURA.


Special Board Meeting - Jan. 27th, 10am - Noon.

Regular Board Meeing -  Wednesday, February 10th , 10am - Noon


Joyce Hartman Diaz made a motion that the meeting be adjourned and Bill Moor seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at Noon.