Board Members Present:  Gary Anderson, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Jim Fordemwalt, Elmer Gooding, Jo Madonna, Connie McNeill, Rose Minetti, Carolyn Minner, William Moor, Robert Muscari, Val Peterson, Bill Stasi, Mary Stevens,

Absent: Bob Barnhill, Sheree Barron (excused), Robert Muscari, Lonnie Ostrom, Eric Sloan, Lou Weschler

Committee Chairs Present:  Jerry Aronson, Alan Johnson, Dick Murra, Linda Van Scoy

Committee Members and Guests:  Dave Scheatzle


President Mary Stevens called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


President Mary Stevens welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. 


Mary asked that the November minutes be amended to reflect that Jim and Beth Fordemwalt had joined Bill Stasi to do the advance scouting for the Verde Railroad/Jerome trip. Alan Johnson requested an amendment to the section of the minutes on his report on the ASRS.  Connie McNeill motioned that the minutes be approved as revised and Jim Fordemwalt seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  The amended minutes will be filed.


  • Emeritus College - No Report
  • Human Resources - There was no representative from HR at the meeting. However, Mary Stevens reported that a representative will attend the January meeting to discuss long-term care insurance for retirees. HR would like to send a representative to the ASURA meetings on a quarterly basis in January, May and September.
  • University Club - Jim Fordemwalt reported that the University Club would like to host ASURA Board for a regularly scheduled meeting. This will probably take place for the May ASURA Board Meeting.
  • University Liaison - No Report
  • University Senate - No Report
  • University Staff Council - Robert Muscari reported that the Staff Appreciation Picnic in October was successful. The University Staff Council met with President Crow and discussed budget contingency plans. At this time no further budget cuts and no further staff cuts are planned for this year. However, if the governor declares a state emergency more cuts could happen. In 2011 the emergency stimulus package will run out. If no more state money is allocated to the university, tuition may need to increase to $8500 per year, although at the present time this is higher than ABOR would approve.


  1. Community Outreach Committee - Sub-Committee Reports
    • Adopt-A-Family - No report
    • Scholarship Committee - No report
    • Video History Project - Linda Van Scoy
      Linda thanked John McIntosh and Dave Scheatzle for all of their work on this project.  The committee is still testing the best way to edit the tapes and is investigating transcription options.  A color printer has been purchased to print DVD labels.  She distributed the project's budget (Attached).   Other than transcription costs the budget seems stable.  Additional interviews are scheduled for January.  Their goal is to complete 15 interviews this year but that may not be achieved.
  2. Events Committee - Sub-committee Reports
    • Luncheons - Jo Madonna

      A Holiday Pot Luck will be held on December 17th in CSB 330, 11:30am -1:30pm.  She asked that some Board members come early that day to help set up the room.  Connie and Barry McNeill, Mary Stevens, Matt Madonna, Gary Anderson, and Doug Johnson will assist.  Options for a luncheon in late March or early May are being considered.

    • Retirees Day - Val Peterson
      Planning is on track for this event.  The committee has been exceptionally responsive to the task of planning this event. Confirmation letters have been sent out to the speakers.  Hugh Downs will give the keynote address.
      Val will also be putting together a Board nominations committee to develop a slate of candidates.  The committee needs to have at least 4 board members on it.  Val hopes that Connie McNeill and Elmer Gooding will volunteer.  Mary Stevens also volunteered.   At least 5 new board members are needed.  The slate needs to be completed by January 31st.
    • Travel - Bill Stasi and Gary Anderson
      Gary reported that 20 people have signed up for the China trip.
      Bill reported that the Olive Mill/Dolly Steamboat flyer will be out in early January.
  3. Finance Committee/Treasurer Report - Joyce Hartman Diaz

    Joyce reported that our financial status is sound.  She presented the Financial Committee Report (Attached).  Bill Moor made a motion to accept the report and Val Peterson seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

    At year end Carolyn Minner will be able to produce a report that shows income and expenditures for each event.  However, during the event planning stage committee chairs should prepare and maintain a simple sheet of this information to ensure that the event will be solvent.  Also recommended is that each event should have a plan in place to deal with people who have to cancel their participation, for example, when or if refunds are possible.

  4. Government Liaison Council
    • ASRS General - Alan Johnson

      Alan did do some research on the vesting question that came up at last month's meeting.  He checked State Statute 38.711.  Vesting means eligible to receive a benefit.  It does not specify the amount of the employer contribution.

      The 1600 "System" members (the old form of retirement) were concerned that their benefit would be cut.  The Director of ASRS asked the Attorney General to give an opinion about this possibility.  The AG said that the State Constitution prohibits a reduction of the annuity check (Article 29).  A Task Force will look at the investment strategy of the System members.  Continuing employees were given the option of staying with the ASRS "System" or changing to the ASRS "Plan."  If the "System" fund cannot pay the added expense, the funding will have to come from either the "Plan" fund or legislative appropriation for those people did not have the option to change to the "Plan."

    • Legislature - Jerry Aronson

      After the first of the year the ASRS information, proposals, and requests will be introduced to the Legislature.  Jerry has scheduled the 2010 Tri-University Legislative Liaison meeting for October 22, 2010.

  5. Health Insurance Liaison Council
    • ADOA - Dick Murra

      There was no report other than to report that the ADOA director is gone and there has been no progress on naming a successor.

    • ASRS Benefit - Rose Minetti

      Rose will begin her role as ASRS Benefit liaison in January.  She reminded members that if they have insurance through ADOA and decide to change, they should at least keep the dental so that they have the option of going back to ADOA in the future.

  6. Membership and Communications Committee
    • Membership Update - Elmer Gooding

      There are currently 665 paid members.  In May 2009 there were 660 members.  Also only 10% have opted out of receiving the e-mail obituary notices.

    • Website and Database - No Report


  • Finance Committee Review - Joyce Hartman Diaz

    Joyce passed out a report with the outcome of the review.  We will have a special session in January to cover endowment information and the Financial Committee Review.  Joyce requested that any questions that the board members might have for the committee be e-mailed to her by January 4th.

  • Parking Decals for Non-Faculty Retirees Update - Mary Stevens

    Mary reported that she is still working to get all of the answers.  HR has added a category "retiree" to their system.

  • Breakfast/Fashion Show & Activities Update - Barbara Bradford Eschbach

    Barbara is looking for volunteers to model at the fashion show.  She also asked if anyone would volunteer to be the event photographer.  Val Peterson volunteered.

    Update on other activities:  Jam Session at Friendship Village - not yet booked.  Violinist Gene Lombardi may participate; Habitat for Humanity - an article will be prepared for the Prime Times in Spring.

    Barbara also talked about a new idea she has.  She thinks that perhaps ballroom dance classes followed by a dinner dance might be of interest to members.  She also said that perhaps the dinner dance could be a fundraiser.


The January meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 10am.


Joyce Hartman Diaz made a motion that the meeting be adjourned and Bill Moor seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at Noon.