Board Members Present:  Gary Anderson, Joyce Harman Diaz, Elmer Gooding, Jo Madonna, Connie McNeill, Rose Minetti, William Moor, Val Peterson, Bill Stasi, Mary Stevens, Rojann Alpers, Sheree Barron

Absent: Bob Barnhill, Jim Fordemwalt (excused), Carolyn Minner (excused), Robert Muscari, Lonnie Ostrom, Eric Sloan, Lou Weschler

Committee Chairs Present:  Jerry Aronson, Sue Blumer, Alan Johnson, Joan Leard, Wilma Mathews, Dick Murra, Linda Van Scoy

Committee Members and Guests:  Video History Project Committee Members John McIntosh and Dave Scheatzle, Ann Oehmke of the Maricopa Community Colleges Retirees Organization, Nancy Atwell, ASU Retirement Supervisor


President Mary Stevens called the meeting to order at 10:00am.


President Stevens welcomed former Board President Hal White and his wife Lucy, Faculty Senate President Rojann Alpers, Maricopa Community Colleges Retirees Organization member Ann Oehmke, and ASURA Office Manager Carol Moore.  At the president's request Carol Moore provided an overview of the volunteer office staff activities in support of ASURA. Worthy of special recognition is the help that they provided for the ADOA Open Enrollment Meetings that Dick Murra provided to ASURA members. Board members voiced their thanks for the dedication and all the work that these volunteers provide.


Linda Van Scoy asked that the last sentence of section V. A. of the minutes regarding the Video History Project be revised to read, "Linda also indicated that she hopes some fundraising will be done for the Video History Project."

Joyce Hartman Diaz motioned that the minutes be accepted as amended and Bill Moor seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


    • Emeritus College - No Report
    • Human Resources - Human Resources Liaison Sheree Barron introduced Nancy Atwell, ASU Human Resources Retirement Supervisor.
    • University Club - No Report
    • University Liaison - No Report
  • University Senate -
    Faculty Senate President Rojann Alpers provided an oral and written overview of the Senate's activities and priorities for 2009-10, including the information that the Interdisciplinary Building B 365 conference room is fully mediated so that Senate meetings can now be held virtually from all campuses.
  • University Staff Council - No Report


A. Community Outreach Committee - Sub-Committee Reports

  • Adopt-A-Family - Joan Leard
    In the past ASURA adopted a working family from Tempe Schools. This year we will be adopting a family of 6 (4 children) whose father has been laid off from his job. She also asked if we can provide some support to 2 families identified through ASU’s Financial Aid Services instead of 1 as has been done in previous years. Gary Anderson motioned for approval of this proposal with the proviso that this would be done within the existing budget of $2000.00 for this program. Joyce Hartman Diaz seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.
  • Scholarship Committee - No Report
  • Video History Project - Linda Van Scoy
    Linda distributed a budget for the project (attached). John McIntosh showed the Board the new equipment that was purchased and being used to conduct and record the interviews in-house. It uses solid state technology. Three interviews have been done so far this year and the committee will try to do a total of 15 this year. The Board discussed how to create transcriptions of the interviews. ASURA office volunteers do not have this type of specialized transcription experience. Gary Anderson suggested that the use of a digital voice recorder and automatic transcription software be investigated. In the meantime, Connie McNeill will pursue the possibility of leasing terabyte server space from ASU.

B. Events Committee - Sub-committee Reports

  • Luncheons - Jo Madonna
    A Holiday Pot Luck is being planned for December. Date TBA. Barbara Bradford offered 3 suggestions for activities. They are: a Luncheon/Fashion Show which would be a fund raising event; an ASURA Arts & Crafts Exhibition on campus for 1 month with an opening reception; and a musical jam session at Friendship Village. President Mary Stevens asked Barbara to prepare a report for the Nov. Board Mtg.
  • Retirees Day - Val Peterson
    Val submitted a written report and announced that it is likely that Hugh Downs will be the keynote speaker.
  • Travel - Bill Stasi and Gary Anderson
    Bill announced that the Verde Railroad trip is a sell out and that a March 18th Spring Fling Day Trip is being planned. Further details will be announced on the ASURA website. Gary reported that 18 people have signed up for the China trip and there is still room for 10 more.

C. Finance Committee/Treasurer Report - Joyce Hartman Diaz
Joyce presented a current budget report. Mary asked the committee to prepare a new projected budget for the January meeting.

D. Government Liaison Council

  • ASRS General - Alan Johnson
    Alan handed out a written report and reported that ASRS may charge a fee for certain services that individuals may request. If a fee structure is implemented, it would not include those services that are routine for all ASRS members.
  • Legislature - Jerry Aronson
    A written report was submitted. The Tri-University Legislative Liaison Meeting will take place during the week of 10/19 and ASURA will be the host. The event will be in a Fulton Center Building conference room for which Carolyn Minner was able to make arrangements. The meeting will include about 20 people and will cost approximately $300 for the luncheon. Jerry asked for a motion that this expenditure be approved by the Board. Gary Anderson made the motion and Joyce Hartman Diaz seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. Jerry also recommended that ASURA participation in the Tri-University Legislative Liaison Council be recognized as an official ASURA activity. Elmer Gooding made the motion and Val Peterson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

E. Health Insurance Liaison Council

  • ADOA - Dick Murra
    Dick reported that people who opted to remain with Advantage Program will have to make a new choice. He asked ADOA to better coordinate the time frame of this type of change to allow people to make choices between ADOA and ASRS. He will provide more reports next month.
  • ASRS - Rose Minetti
    Rose will replace Doug Johnson as ASURA’s representative to ASRS and will be the representative to attend the meetings at ASRS. Doug had to step down as the representative because he is not insured by ASRS. Rose will also attend the Tri-University Legislative Liaison Council meeting.

F. Membership and Communications Committee

  • Membership Update - Elmer Gooding
    A membership report was submitted (attached). ASURA currently has 607 members. The committee plans to send out letters to new retirees on a quarterly basis. Another mailing will be sent out to the 139 people who did not renew their membership this year. Elmer also reported that we now have a database of members’ interests as identified on the membership forms.
  • Obituaries Update - Connie McNeill
    Some members have indicated that they prefer not to receive e-mail notifications of obituaries. Most members have expressed appreciation for these notices. To respond to these differing preferences, Connie has developed a way to “opt out” of these automatic notifications.
  • Website and Database - Connie McNeill
    Connie announced that obituaries can now be found on the ASURA website.


A. Dues Update - Connie McNeill
Connie announced that obituaries can now be found on the ASURA website.

B. Additional Donations Update and Report - Connie McNeill
Information is reported on this month’s financial report previously submitted.


A. Charge to Finance Committee: Mary Stevens will provide a written request for the committee to gather information on endowments and fund-raising and then present a report with findings and recommendations to the Board at the December 9, 2009 regular meeting.

B. Use of Listserv for Announcements - Mary Stevens
Mary asked what the Board thought about sending out non-ASURA announcements to ASURA members. She said that she is referring to the type of announcements that members may have interest in and not commercial announcements. Board members expressed support of this type of e-mail.

C. Parking Decals for Non-faculty Retirees - Mary Stevens
Mary reported that Melina Helton, the assistant director in Parking Services, said that the parking computer system doesn't have a classification for "retiree." She said that as a confirmed retiree, we can purchase a gold decal for $280.00/yr. Mary will check to see if a retiree Sun Card will be accepted as proof of retiree status for this purpose. Sue Blumer said that before ASURA moving the office and meetings to the CSB, Board members could purchase $10 parking decals that permitted parking for the ASURA meetings.


The November meeting will be held on the 3rd Wednesday, Nov. 18th, because the 2nd Wednesday falls on Veterans Day.


Joyce Hartman Diaz made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Val Peterson seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.