ASURA Board Meeting - February 11, 2009

Board Members Present:  Mat Betz, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Elmer Gooding, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Carolyn Minner, Val Peterson, Mary Stevens

Absent:  Robert Barnhill, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Robert Rankin

Committee Chairs:  Sue Blumer, James Fordemwalt, Alan Johnson, Joan Leard, Bob Mings, David Scheatzle, Linda VanScoy, Lou Weschler

Absent: Jerome Aronson, Connie McNeill, Dick Murra, Becky Reiss, Phil VanderMeer

Guests:  Rojann Alpers and Bill Stasi

I.   Call to Order:  Val Peterson called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

II.  Welcome to Guests:  The President welcomed Rojann Alpers, Downtown President-Elect, who reported on the University Senate actions in the absence of Phil VanderMeer.

III. Minutes:  The January 14, 2009 minutes were electronically distributed to the Board and were approved with the following corrections:  page 2 last line under Education should read la Torre;  page 2 Retirement System Liaison line 5 should read to support these proposals; and VI Other Reports: Travel should read Luncheon.

IV.  Ex-Officio Reports:

University Senate:  Rojann Alpers, Downtown President Elect, reported on the  proposed changes anticipated within the University after dramatic budget cuts including the need to cap enrollment, closing freshman applications on March 1, Polytechnic and West campuses reduced to one college each  plus the closing of four dozen academic programs.  Additional cuts in state funding in FY 2010 would force ASU to consider additional staff layoffs, a substantial increase in tuition and fees, further limitations on student enrollment, and closing the Polytechnic and West campuses entirely.

Emeritus College:  Lou Weschler reported on the current activities of the Emeritus College.  He expressed his thankfulness for being able to attend the Board meeting after a lengthy illness.

V.   Standing Committee Reports:


Ted Cary distributed copies of the current finance report as of 1/31/09 showing a balance of $14,323 in the Operations Budget and  a balance of $34,196.84 in Special Events.  The separation of our original combination of two budgets is now complete.

Education:  Mary Stevens reported that 55 participants are currently registered for Retirees Day Feb. 21.  Sue Blumer has made plans for refreshments and lunch.

Legislative Liaison Council:  Alan Johnson submitted a report for Jerry Aronson. Of concern is the use of furloughs and salary cuts by state agencies to deal with the impact of budget cuts mandated by the State Legislature.

Retirement System Liaison: Alan Johnson reviewed his printed report, explaining four proposals that may be combined into an omnibus bill.  There was a discussion regarding proposals that may weaken the retirement fund.  It is important for the Board to be informed of any legislation that would have a negative affect on the retirement fund.

VI.  Other Reports:

Activities:  Bill Stasi reported excellent participation in travel opportunities offered by the Activities Committee with 20 attending ASU Collections and 42 signed up for Canyon de Chelly plus a waiting list.  Tours were advertised to Faculty Wives, Emeritus College and in Insight.  A spring luncheon is planned for May 6 at the Broadway Theatre in Mesa.  All events with details are advertised on the ASURA website.

Annual Meeting and New Board Members:  The Annual Meeting will be April 16 in the Alumni Lounge of the Memorial Union.  Committee reports must be submitted by March 15.  Suggestions for a speaker were requested.  New Board Members will be introduced at the March 11 Board Meeting.

Prime Times:  David Scheatzle stated that the deadline for the upcoming Prime Times is February 20.

Video History Project: An invoice for $1900 for the last 15 DVDs was received and submitted for payment. Letters were sent to 14 potential interviewee candidates.  Elmer Gooding is a new member for the committee.

VII.  Old Business

By-Laws:  To date 165 By-Laws votes have been received.  The voting deadline for By-Laws and Board of Directors is Feb. 27, 2009.

VIII. New Business

President Peterson announced that the ASURA would no longer receive funding from Public Affairs for mailing or printing and other expenses.  Discussion followed on ways to reduce these costs such as using e-mail, using lower-cost printing services and reducing the number of mailings. Other ideas were to establish an endowment and to raise the annual dues. 

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Maxine LaRoux, Secretary