ASURA Board Minutes - January 14, 2009

Board Members Present:  Mat Betz, Ted Cary, Elmer Gooding, Joyce Hartman Diaz,  Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Carolyn Minner, Val Peterson

Absent:  Robert Barnhill, Connie McNeill, Zeke Prust, Robert Rankin, Mary Stevens

Committee Chairs:  Jerome Aronson,Sue Blumer, James Fordemwalt, Joan Leard, Dick Murra, Alan Johnson, David Scheatzle, Linda VanScoy

Guests:  Jo Madonna, Rose Minetti

I & II.  The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.  President Val Peterson announced that a quorum finalized and approved the new Bylaws at a special Board meeting January 7, 2009.  A copy of these Bylaws will be mailed to the membership along with the ballot.

III.           Minutes:  The minutes of the December 10, 2008 and January 7, 2009 were approved as written.

IV.           Ex-Officio Reports:

University Senate:  Phil Vandermeer reported that a major effort is underway to reduce the University's budget in response to the economic downturn.  A goal has been set to double the number of Bachelor's degrees awarded by the year 2020.  A Task Force has been appointed to review on-line education and also to increase the number of lecturers.

V.             Standing Committee Reports:

Finance/Treasurer:  Ted Cary distributed copies of the current finance report as of 12/31/2008 showing a balance of $13,893.  This report and the Special Events report are attached.  The President thanked Carolyn Minner for preparing the financial reports in a very readable and useful format.

Membership:  Elmer Gooding reported that ASU's Human Resources Management had provided a list of persons retired from October through December 2008 and a complete list of retirees for whom they have addresses from Nov. 2002 through July 2007.  A standard new retiree letter from ASURA will be sent to all new retirees.

Education:  Linda Van Scoy and Sue Blumer reported that Harry Mitchell will be the keynote speaker for Retirees Day on Feb. 21 with the following topics and speakers to choose from: Session I:  The Sudan - Mathew J. Betz; The Global Institute of Sustainability - Matthew Fraser; and Reflection on a Historic Election  - Bruce Merrill.  Session II: Current State of the U. S. and Global Economic Crisis - Stephen Happel; Architecture Has No Border - Juan Jaime de la Torre; and Inside the Biodesign Institute - Kimberly Ovitt.

Retirement System Liaison:  Alan Johnson described four ASRS proposals regarding retirement rules.  He also distributed a written description of the proposals. A MOTION was made and passed unanimously to empower the ASURA Legislative Liaison Committee to support these proposals with the option for Board review when presented to the Legislative for approval.

University Club Liaison:  James Fordemwalt, current ASURA representative, has contacted University Club officers and will be attending future Club Board meetings.

VI.    Other Reports:

Luncheons:  Jo Madonna announced the spring luncheon May 6 will be at the Broadway Theatre in Mesa presenting "Ring of Fire" at the cost of $43 that includes play, lunch and gratuity.  Complete information, including registration form, about the "We Love ASU Collections Tour" February 16 is available on the ASURA webiste ( and will be mailed to members.  Registration deadline is April 3.

Adopt-a-Family:  Joan Leard reported that with donations and funds from ASURA two families had presents of clothing, food, household items and toys for the holidays.  She distributed a report describing our two families.*  Joan read poignant thank you letters from the families.

Bylaws:  Val Peterson noted that the proposed revised Bylaws were approved unanimously by the Board and will be mailed along with a bylaws ballot to the membership by the end of January along with a 2009 ballot for new ASURA Board of Directors.  The deadline for approval of the Bylaws and election ballot is February 28, 2009 either by mail, e-mail or delivery to the ASURA office.

Prime Times:  David Scheatzle believes that quarterly issues of the newsletter are desirable.  Several areas such as news of  Adopt-a-Family program, travel opportunities, Video-History, Bylaws and others will be covered in the next edition.

Scholarship:  Sue Blumer reported on her contact with the ASU Study Abroad representative and discussion followed.  The proposal to sponsor student travel and its financing is anticipated at the February Board meeting.

Video History Project:  Linda Van Scoy distributed a committee report that is attached.  Five new history DVD's have been received:  Lattie Coor, Eugene Grigsby, Gerald McSheffrey, Onnie Ostrom and George Umberson.  The balance of 18 DVDs is expected soon.

Website:  Val Peterson thanked Connie McNeill and Carolyn Minner for updating the ASURA website making it a valuable resource.  Suggestions for further improvements are welcome.

VII.        New Business

Board of Directors Election:  A ballot for new 2009 Board of Directors will be mailed to members January 26.  Ballots may be returned by mail, e-mail or by taking them to the ASURA office with a return deadline of February 28.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Respectfully submitted:

Maxine LaRoux, Secretary