ASURA Board Minutes - November 12, 2008

Board Members Present: Mat Betz, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Connie McNeill, Val Peterson, Robert Rankin, Mary Stevens

Absent: Robert Barnhill, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Zeke Prust, Lou Weschler

Committee Chairs: Jerome Aronson, Sue Blumer, Elmer Gooding, Alan Johnson, Bob Mings, David Scheatzle, Linda Van Scoy

Absent: James Fordemwalt, Joan Leard, Dick Murra

Ex-Officio Members Present: None

Absent: Christine Cervantes, Andrew Hamilton, Eric Sloan, Phil Vandermeer

Guests: Jo Madonna, Hal and Lucy White

I.  Call to Order: Val Peterson called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. He welcomed Jo Madonna, Activities Committee member, and Hal and Lucy White. He announced that Lou Weschler is now recovering at home.

II.  President's Report: Val Peterson commented on the present state of the economy. He also reminded members submitting a written report to give only a short synopsis during the meeting.

III.  Minutes: The October 8, 2008 Board Minutes were approved after the following correction: Record Mat Betz as a Board member.

IV.  Ex-Officio Reports: None of the Ex-Officio representatives were present to report.

V.  Standing Committee Reports:

Treasurer: The current Cash Flow Reports for ASURA Operations and Special Events Accounts were distributed and discussed. Carolyn Minner reported that the Video History, Scholarship and Golf funds will be transferred to the Special Events Account if the proposed ASURA budget is approved. The ASURA Operations Account Report as of November 3, 2008 shows a balance of $40,030.83.

Membership: Elmer Gooding stated a letter has been sent to recent retirees inviting them to join the ASURA Retirees Association. Current membership numbers are approximately 600. Progress is underway to create a creditable list of ASU retirees, and the current membership database is helpful. Deceased member's spouses will be sent a letter explaining their eligibility for membership. Also, current membership will be validated when individuals register for various activities.

Legislative Liaison Council: Jerry Aronson reported on the Tri-University Committee meeting at ASU. Jerry reported that Paul Matson, Director of ASRS, spoke about the general condition of ASRS and the outlook for the future. The committee plans to invite ADOA to attend next year's meeting when the health insurance RFP's are under consideration.

Retirement System Liaison: Alan Johnson spoke to the status of the Arizona State Retirement fund in the current economic crisis and pointed out that an article will appear in the forthcoming Prime Times as well as an Internet article titled "An ASRS Q&A: Market Volatility and Your Retirement System." Alan was asked to prepare a document for Board approval, listing Jerry Aronson as designated lobbyist and Alan Johnson, Bob Mings and Rose Minetti as authorized lobbyists.

VI.  Other Reports:

Activities Committee: Mary Stevens reported that the recent "Cosanti" trip was well planned, informative, and enjoyed by 19 participants. The November luncheon held at the ASU Karsten Golf Course was a success, with 41 in attendance. The Holiday Social will be held on Tuesday, December 2, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A spring luncheon is planned for March.

By-Laws Committee: The By-Laws Committee has been meeting weekly and plans to present the revised By-Laws for Board approval prior to a final vote by the membership at the April Annual Meeting. Mary Stevens said a procedural document will also be presented.

Prime Times: Dave Scheatzle reported that the current Prime Times newsletter has been awaiting printing for some time. A suggestion was made that a new printer be considered by the Public Affairs Office.

Video History Project: Linda Van Scoy was introduced as the acting chair of the Video History Project. She will be contacting current and prospective committee members and is working on expediting delivery and disposition of videos of past interviews.

Website: Connie McNeill has been improving the ASURA member database for better flexibility. She spoke of sharing computing capacity with the Public Affairs Office to reduce expenses.

VII.  Old Business:

Policies for Membership Drives & Event Mailings: The proposed Policy for Membership Drive Mailings submitted by Connie McNeill was approved by the Board.

Travel Scholarship for ASU Students: The proposal for a travel scholarship was presented by Mat Betz and will be voted upon at the December 10 Board Meeting.

2009-2010 ASURA Budget: The ASURA FY 2009 proposed budget prepared by Carolyn Minner was distributed for review. The budget will be voted on at the December 10 Board Meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Respecfully submitted:

Maxine LaRoux