ASURA Board Minutes - October 8, 2008

 Board Members Present:  Mat Betz, Ted Cary, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Elmer Gooding, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Connie McNeill, Val Peterson, Mary Stevens
Absent:  Robert Barnhill,Bob Francis, Robert Rankin

Committee Chairs:  Jim Fordemwalt, Alan Johnson, Carolyn Minner, Dick Murra, David Scheatzle.
Absent:  Jerome Aronson, Sue Blumer, Joan Leard, Becky Reiss, Lou Weschler

Ex-Officio Members:  Andrew Hamilton, Eric Sloan

Guests:   Jo Madonna

I.   Call to Order:  Val Peterson called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

II.  President's Report:  Val Peterson introduced Jim Fordemwalt as the new University Club Liaison.  A get-well card was sent to Lou Weschler who has been seriously ill.

III. Minutes:  The September 10, 2008 Minutes were approved as written.

IV.  Ex-Officio Reports:

University Liaison:  Eric Sloan asked ASURA to consider sponsoring a United Blood drive at the Community Services Building over the next 7 months.  ASU has a goal of 1500 units as there is a great need for blood donations.  Eric encouraged contact with our legislators regarding upcoming budget cuts that may affect University funding.

V.   Standing Committee Reports:

Treasurer:  Ted Cary distributed financial reports covering July 1, 2008 to September 30, 2008 showing a balance of $37,178.85 in the ASURA Operations Account and $14,670.33 in the Video History Account.  Ted expressed appreciation for the assistance of Carolyn Minner and Dave Scheatzle in preparing separate financial statements for Operations and Video History.  The  Video History Account will include other worthy projects such as Scholarships.

David Scheatzle reported on designating proceeds from the Golf Tournament into the Video History Account from the Operating Account.

University Staff Council:  Andrew Hamilton announced that the new name for the Staff Council is University Staff Council with Service Professionals being added to the group.  Each campus council will have an Executive Board with a representative from the four councils serving on President Crow's Board.

Education Committee:  Mary Stevens announced that plans are well underway for Retirees Day with five of six speakers selected including Bruce Merrill (Polling), Mat Betz  (Sudan), Stephen Happel (Economist), Matthew Fraser (Environment), and Juan Jaime de la Torre (Architect). 

Retirement System Liaison:  Alan Johnson reminded everyone that although the current economic downturn affects the ASRS Retirement fund that its goals are long-term.  More information can be obtained on the webiste

University Club Liaison:  Jim Fordemwalt was elected as the new University Club representative.

V.  Other Committee Reports: 

Travel:  The Travel Committee is taking reservations for a trip Nov. 6 to  Cosanti/El Chorro Lodge,/Taliesin West  with a registration deadline of October 21.and a trip to Prescott is scheduled for December 11.

Luncheons: Jo Madonna, Luncheon Chairperson, reported on the ASURA Fall Luncheon Tuesday, October 28, at the Karsten Golf Course Club House.  The Annual Holiday Potluck will be on Tuesday, December 2, at the Community Services Building Rm. 203.  A Spring Luncheon is being planned.

By-Laws Committee:  Mary Stevens stated that the revised By-Laws draft may be ready to present to the Board at the November ASURA Board Meeting.

Health Insurance:  Dick Murra explained that the change in Delta Dental to Retiree, Retiree plus 1 or Family Coverage will be automatic.  He described ways to minimize insurance costs for two ASRS retirees and also generic drug discounts.

Prime Times:  David Scheatzle asked for possible topics for the upcoming fall publication.  Wilma Mathews will be assisting beginning in late October.

Web Site:  Connie McNeill has added another feature to the ASURA website - Board Operations.  She encouraged the use of the website ( that includes information on activities, volunteers and much more.

VI. Old Business:

Policies:  Val Peterson is developing various policies, such as membership and event mailing, and drafts will be presented for review at the November Board meeting.

New Business:

Student International Travel Grant:  Mat Betz will present a proposed draft for a Student International TravelScholarship at the November Board meeting.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Respectfully submitted:

Maxine LaRoux