ASURA Board Meeting - May 14, 2008

Present:   Robert Barnhill, Mat Betz, Sue Blumer, Ted Cary, Joyce Hartman Diaz, Bob Francis, Elmer Gooding, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Lois Lehman, Connie McNeill, Carolyn Minner, Dick Murra, June Payne, Val Peterson, Peggy Randolph, David Scheatzle, Eric Sloan, Mary Stevens, Phil Vandermeer, William Verdini

Absent:  Jerome Aronson,  Joan Leard, Alan Matheson,  Bob Mings, Zeke Prust, Robert Rankin, Becky Reiss, Lou Weschler

I.  Call to Order:  Val Peterson called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

II. President's Report:    Elmer Gooding and Joyce Hartman Diaz as newly elected Board Members, Eric Sloan representing the Office of Public Affairs, and Phil Vandermeer, representing the Faculty Senate were introduced by the President.   Robert Rankin, and Zeke Prust, new Board Members, were not able to attend.

III. Minutes:   The March 5, 2008 Minutes were approved as written after amending the name of William Vandermeer to Phil Vandermeer under Section III. Ex-Officio Reports: Academic Senate.

IV. Ex-Officio Reports:              

Academic Senate:  Bill Verdindi reported that all four campuses ratified the new Constitution and Bylaws.  Phil Vandermeer was introduced as the new representative from the Academic Senate.

University Liaison:  Eric Sloan, the current University Liaison from Public Affairs, stated that he viewed the ASURA as a resource to provide leadership in legislative matters and promoting ASU throughout the State.      

V. Standing Committee Reports:          

Treasurer:  Ted Cary, Treasurer, and Carolyn Minner, Business Manager, gave a budget report showing assets of $35,555.94, income of $20,186.43, expenses of $26,103.81 leaving a deficit of $5,917.38 as of May 14, 2008.  Income from membership renewals will make up the deficit.  A motion was passed to approve the current budget.  A formal budget will be presented in September. The following is the statement of income and expenses. It does not reflect the considerable balance forward that exists in the account.

Membership:   Elmer Gooding announced that 989 membership renewals were mailed.*  Appreciation for the difficult task of computerizing a membership list was expressed to everyone who assisted with this project.  Membership records were incomplete and did not identify members who had paid for more than one year.  It is hoped they will notify the office.  The office of Human Resources will be providing quarterly reports of new retirees.

VI. Community Relations:

Education:  Mary Stevens introduced Bob Barnhill as the new Chairperson of the Education Committee.  Other staff will be selected to assist including Sue Blumer.  Dates and places for Retirees Day have been reserved for 2009 and 2010.   Volunteers will be needed, as well as topics and speakers for the next Retirees Day.

Retirement System Liaison:  Alan Johnson explained that the Survivor Benefit Process still has a problem with timely payment when a death occurs in the second half of the month.  There will usually be a month's delay even with computerization.

VII. Other Reports:

Video History Project:  Bob Francis who has been in charge of the Video History Project will be taking a four to six month leave of absence.  Following is a  Balance Sheet of the Video History Account as of May 14, 2008.

Video History Project Balanace Sheet as of 5/14/2008

Prime Times:  David Scheatzle reported that a new issue of Prime Times will be coming soon with articles on Arizona Legislative activities and other interesting topics.  He requested ideas for additional stories.  There is a search for a replacement for David who was thanked for his dedicated service as Editor.

Scholarship:  Sue Blumer announced that the Scholarship Committee selected a recipient for the 2008-09 academic year from eleven applications.*  After a lengthy discussion a motion was passed to accept a slight modification of the criteria for eligibility as follows:  "To allow students who have a five year absence from university studies, but who may be enrolled at ASU during their first or second semester back, to be eligible."  A suggestion was made to consider offering two scholarships next year.

Volunteer Program:   A data base is being developed to indicate volunteer opportunities.  This year the information is limited, but will be expanded.  Carolyn Minner, Connie McNeill and Dave Scheatzle presently have access to the data, but eventually all Board members will have this ability.  Peggy Randolph is willing to continue her efforts as chair of the Volunteers Committee.

Web site:  Connie McNeill described  plans to use the Web site for Board minutes, to advertise activities, and to list Past Presidents and other pertinent information.

Listserv:  Lois Lehman explained that a Listserv is being designed to list ASURA Board Members, Committee Chairs, and current members e-mail and mailing addresses.

Health Insurance:  Dick Murra stated that the State is beginning the process for open enrollment this year.  He has asked to be on the committee.

Activities Committee:   Mary Stevens reported that the committee's goals were achieved this year with a  South Mountain hike, a trip for 25 to the Arizona Wine Country, and a luncheon with a capacity crowd at the Shalimar Country Club.  Sub-committees were formed this year such as hiking, luncheons, and travel.  A chairperson is needed for the Activities Committee, as well as sub-committee chairs.

VIII.  Old Business

Update of  Bylaws:  Mary Stevens will chair an Ad Hoc Committee to review bylaw changes recommended five years ago and never voted upon by the ASURA members at the Annual Meeting April 9, 2003.  The committee will review the work of the past group and  make recommendations to the current Board.  In addition, the committee may submit other changes as needed.  These recommendations will be submitted to the Board prior to the September 10, 2008 Board meeting.  Individuals are needed to serve on this committee.

IX. New Business

Approval of Officers:  A motion was passed to approve the following officers for the 2008-09 year -  President Val Peterson, Past President Doug Johnson, Vice President Mary Stevens, Secretary Maxine LaRoux, Treasurer Ted Cary.

Results of Board Elections:  The following Board Members whose terms expire in April 2011 were elected and approved:  Joyce Hartman Diaz, Elmer Gooding, Zeke Prust, and Robert Rankin. It was suggested that in future biographical information be provided with the ballots.  Prime Times will include background information and photos of the current new Board members.

Committee Chairs:  A motion was made and passed to approve the following Committee Chairs:

Activities - Mary Stevens and replacement, Adopt-A-Family - Joan Leard, Education - Bob Barnhill, Emeritus College Liaison  - Lou Weschler, Insurance - Dick Murra, Legislative Liaison - Jerome Aronson, ListServ - Lois Lehman, Membership - Elmer Gooding, Newsletter - Dave Scheatzle and Replacement, Retirement System - Alan Johnson, Scholarship - Sue Blumer, University Club Liaison -  Zeke Prust, Volunteers - Peggy Randolph and to be appointed, Video History Project - Bob Francis and Replacement, Webmaster - Connie McNeill

Calendar of Events and Activities 2008-09:  The Calendar was approved and follows. There was a discussion about the MU Christmas Coffee and the ASURA Holiday Social.  It was decided that they should not be scheduled on the same day.

2008-09 Calendar of Events

X. Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Maxine LaRoux