Present:  Jerome Aronson, Robert Barnhill, Bob Beeman, Sue Blumer, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Elmer Gooding, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Joan Leard, Lois Lehman, Alan Matheson, Connie McNeill, Carolyn Minner, Val Peterson, David Scheatzle, Mary Stevens, George Umberson, William Verdini

Absent:  Charles Backus, Sherre Barron, Mat Betz, Stan Brown, Christine Cervantes, Don Gieschen, Andrew Hamilton, Bob Mings, Dick Murra, June Payne, Zeke Prust, Peggy Randolph, Becky Reiss, Marie Sale

I. Call to Order:  Doug Johnson called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.  He commented on the success of Retirees Day at Polytechnic and thanked everyone who made the event memorable.

II.  Standing Committee Reports:

Financial Report: Establishing a second account for golf tournament funds will require moving the past three years income into the new account.  Connie McNeill, Carolyn Minner and Doug Johnson will work on this new financial arrangement.

Membership:  Elmer Gooding reported an approximate current membership of 700.  Discussion followed regarding staggered renewals for new members, multiple year membership, lifetime membership,  payment by credit card, etc. It was decided to delay any changes until next year.

III. Ex-Officio Reports:

Academic Senate:  Bill Verdini informed the Board that ASU 101 has been approved as a course requirement by Polytechnic and West assemblies with a later decision for  Tempe and West.  William Vandermeer will be the 2008-09 President of the Academic Senate.

IV. Community Relations: 

Legislative Liaison Council:  Jerome Aronsen, Bob Mings and Alan Johnson attended the Annual ASU Day at the Legislature where they expressed appreciation for legislative budget support.  The annual Tri-University meeting has been postponed until fall when preparation can be made for pending legislation related to the universities.          

Retirement System Liaison:  Alan Johnson reviewed items presented at the February 15 meeting of the ASRS Board of Trustees.  This report covered House Bill 2062 regarding changing retirement specifications and concerns expressed by Terry Dennison of Mercer Investment Consulting, Inc.  See attachment.

Education:  Sue Blumer praised the efforts of all those who worked on Retirees Day.  Polytechnic was a great host and everyone appreciated their special efforts.

Motion:  A motion was made, seconded and passed to recognize the contribution of the Polytechnic staff on Retirees Day with a luncheon in their honor.

Activities:  Mary Stevens explained that a South Mountain Hike on March 26 is being offered.  Other activities suggested were trips in the fall to Rocky Point, Mexico; Northern Arizona; and a Diamond Backs Game.

V. Other Reports:

Video History Project:  Bob Francis stated that new interviews will begin in April and that the DVD's of former interviews are in production.

Prime Times: Prime Times were mailed to approximately 950 with 15 returned for incorrect addresses.  The mailing list and e-mail addresses are being updated according to Dave Scheatzle.

Adopt-A-Family:  Joan Leard said that a new volunteer will be assisting with Easter gifts for the two families.  Gifts are provided on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  By limiting the holidays more substantial gifts can be given.

Web site:  The new Web site ( is now operational with automatic forwarding from the old address.  Connie McNeill stated that links are provided for travel events and other current information.           

Listserv:  Lois Lehman announced that a listserv is now available for Board Members use.

Annual Meeting: The ASURA Annual Meeting will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 12 in the University Center La Sala room at the West campus.  The deadline for submitting reports for the program is March 20.  There will not be a Board meeting in April.

VI. New Business:

After a discussion of what to include in the Membership Application a Forms Committee consisting of Mary Stevens, Connie McNeill, Lois Lehman, Dave Scheatzle, and Val Peterson was formed.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 12:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Maxine LaRoux