Present: Jerome Aronson, Robert Barnhill, Bob Beeman, Mat Betz, Sue Blumer, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Andrew Hamilton, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Joan Leard, Lois Lehman, Alan Matheson, Connie McNeill, Bob Mings, Carolyn Minner, June Payne, Val Peterson, David Scheatzle, Mary Stevens

Absent: Charles Backus, Sherre Barron, Ted Cary, Christine Cervantes, Dan Gieschen, Elmer Gooding, Wilma Mathews, Dick Murra, Zeke Prust, Peggy Randolph, Becky Reiss, Marie Sale', George Umberson, William Verdini

I.     Call to Order: Doug Johnson, President, called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

II.    Minutes: The January 9, 2008 minutes were approved as written.

III.   Ex-Officio Reports:

Human Resources: Andrew Hamilton reported that unfortunately the W-2 forms for foreign students were sent to their home addresses.

Emeritus College: The Emeritus College is continuing to offer classes during the Spring Semester at the Tempe Public Library.

IV.    Standing Committee Reports:

Financial Report: The Foundation Financial Report for the ASURA was included with the January minutes. There was a discussion regarding ways to make it easier to understand.

V.     Community Relations:

Legislative Liaison Council: Jerry Aronson stated that he will attend the Legislative Invitation Event. Plans are underway for the annual Tri-University Retirees Association to meet in March. Jerry submitted a Legislative Report of six bills before the House and Senate and discussion followed. A motion was passed to abstain from supporting HB 2062 and a motion was passed to support HB 2127 that would exempt ASRS from statutory unclaimed property procedures.

Retirement System Liaison: Alan Johnson reported that ASRS system funding has increased to 87.1%.

Activity Committee: Val Peterson reported that 90 retirees are presently registered in the various activity areas. Chairpersons are needed for some of the sub-committees. Fliers to sign up for a trip to Southern Arizona including wineries and historic places, and a spring luncheon on april 30 with Marshall Trimball as a speaker were distributed. Doug Johnson expressed appreciation for all the work Mary Stevens and Val Peterson did in making Retirees Day a possibility.

VI.    Other Reports:

Video History Project: Bob Francis displayed the DVD prototype that will be used for interviews.

Prime Times: David Scheatzle was complimented on the current issue of Prime Times. The cost of mailing varies from 38 cents to 97 cents each.

Annual Meeting: Members were reminded that the 2008 ASURA Annual Meeting will be held at the West campus on Saturday, April 12. Annual reports from committee chairs need to be submitted for printing at the March 5 Board meeting.

Website: Bob Beeman reported that the new website address will be and that it has received 96 contacts this month.

CIO: Connie McNeill stated that three new computers with 20" wide screen monitors and a scanner have been installed at a cost of $4,200. The new website will provide ineraction between ASURA members and the web page.

Listserv: Lois Lehman noted that the number of return addresses had been reduced to 30 on a recent mailing.

Board Election: Alan Matheson requested names for five openings on the Board. A motion was made, seconded and passed to mail an election ballot for new members with the results announced at the Annual Meeting.

Death: Doug Johnson announced the death of George Morrell, a founding member of ASURA and long-time chair of the Membership Committee.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine LaRoux, Secretary