Present: Robert Barnhill, Bob Beeman, Mathew Betz, Sue Blumer, Bob Francis, Don Gieschen, Andrew Hamilton, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Joan Leard, Lois Lehman, Wilma Mathews, Connie McNeill, Bob Mings, Dick Murra, June Payne, Val Peterson, Zeke Prust, Dave Scheatzle, Mary Stevens, Peggy Randolph, Bill Verdini

Absent: Jerome Aronson, Charles Backus, Sherre Barron, Stan Brown, Ted Cary, Christine Cervantes, Elmer Gooding, Alan Matheson, Carolyn Minner, Becky Reiss, Marie Sale', George Umberson, Madelyn Wright

I. Call to Order: Doug Johnson, President, called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

II. Minutes: The December 12, 2007 minutes were approved as written.

III. Academic Senate: Bill Verdini reported on the organizational process of combining four campuses into one Senate.

IV. University Liaison: Wilma Mathews described how helpful Polytechnic staff had been in providing facilities and services for Retirees Day.

V. Membership: Dave Scheatzle, Lois Lehman and Mary Stevens have been systematically updating the ASURA membership list.

VI. Retirement System Liaison: Alan Johnson attended the ASRS Board of Trustees meeting in December where Terry Dennison, an outside consultant, stated that the Total Fund Performance of the ASRS during the third quarter of 2007 had performed better than expected through wise investment.

VII. University Club: Zeke Prust announced that the University Club is now having quarterly meetings.

VIII. Education Committee: Sue Blumer encouraged everyone to attend the Annual Retirees Day on February 16 at the Polytechnic campus. Convenient parking is available to the Memorial Union building. Excellent presenters and programs are being planned. Notices will be mailed this week.

IX. Motion: A motion was passed to supplement the cost of Retirees Days up to but not to exceed $600.

X. Health Insurance: Dick Murra stated that the new Health Insurance proposal will be presented to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee in 2009.

XI. Activities Committee: The eight sub-committees (Travel, Genealogy, Hiking, Luncheons, Theatre, Computer Technology) recently met at the Tempe Library. The Travel group is planning a trip to Southern Arizona that would include Karchner Caverns, wineries, and Tubac.

XII. Living History Video Project: Interviews are continuing as is the art work for the DVDs. The committee's next meeting is scheduled for February.

XIII. Prime Times: Dave Scheatzle asked that ideas for articles be sent to him. Dean Smith will be writing a humorous article about President Grady Gammage.

XIV. Adopt-a-Family: Joan Leard provided Christmas gifts for 10. She read portions of thank-you letters from the mother and two children of our ASU famiily. Portions of these letters will be included in the next issue of Prime Times.

XV. Scholarship Committee: Sue Blumer reported that our Scholarship student will be graduating in May and she had sent her fall semester grades to the committee.

XVI. Website: The new ASURA Website address will be Bob Beeman and Connie McNeill spoke about the new website logo. Connie recommended purchasing the Windows Vista Operating System for our new computers.

XVII. Annual Meeting: The annual meeting will be held on April 10 or 11 at the West campus.

XVIII. Human Resources: Andrew Hamilton stated that W-2's will be mailed by January 31. A standardized web page has been developed for all ASU campuses. The Classified Staff Council is rotating meeting sites between each campus and new by-laws will be completed by June. Steps have been taken to create a single goal for the Tri-University group.

XIX. Membership: The advantages of dividing payment of ASURA yearly dues into nine monthly deadlines was discussed.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m. and was followed by a buffet honoring the office volunteers and Corrine Irvan's tenure as Office Manager.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine LaRoux, Secretary