Present: Robert Barnhill, Bob Beeman, Mat Betz, Sue Blumer, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Andrew Hamilton, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Joan Leard, Wilma Mathews, Connie McNeill, Carolyn Minner, June Payne, Val Peterson, David Scheatzle, Mary Stevens, George Umberson, William Verdini

Absent: Jerome Aronson, Charles Backus, Sherre Barron, Stan Brown, Christine Cervantes, Don Gieschen, Elmer Gooding, Alan Matheson, Bob Mings, Dick Murra, Zeke Prust, Peggy Randolph, Becky Reiss, Marie Sale', Martha Waltemath, Madelyn Wright

I. Call to Order: Doug Johnson, President, called the meeting to order and welcomed Jerry Goldfader as a guest. Johnson reported that the ASURA Christmas Party on December 4 was a success, with 75 attending. The classroom in the Community Services Building had tables and chairs for comfortable seating. A wide variety of food was provided and good conversation was enjoyed. Doug Johnson, David Scheatzle, Mary Stevens, and Val Peterson were responsible for organizing this enjoyable event.

II. Minutes: A motion was made and approved to correct Item XIV. Adopt-a-Family to read "six" children in line 3. The minutes were approved as corrected. The Board accepted receiving meeting minutes via e-mail with reports sent as attachments to the secretary.

III. Human Resources: Andrew Hamilton reported that the new University payroll system has reduced its error rate to 1%, and has solved most of the problems.

IV. Academic Senate: William Verdini reported that 5,000 students will be graduating December 13 and commented on approval of tuition increases, the growth in the number of faculty and facilities, plans to increase the number of math/science teachers, requirements related to ASU 101, reduced State funding, and other issues.

V. University Liaison: Wilma Mathews recalled the fact that it was a year ago the ASURA office moved from the Visitors Center on Rural and Apache to our expanded facility at the Community Services Building. Since the Tempe campus Memorial Union is closed due to fire damage, the Martin Luther King Breakfast will be held at the West campus. ASU Cares will be dedicated to the West Valley this year.

VI. Classified Staff Committee: Andrew Hamilton announced that the Classified Staff Council officers will be recognized during halftime at the ASU/Xavier basketball game. A Christmas Party was organized for the four campuses, Outstanding Employee Awards will be given to Classified Staff and Service Professionals from the four campuses, with a barbecue planned for May. Meetings alternate between the campuses.

VII. Treasurer's Report: Doug Johnson explained that separating the Golf Tournament funds into a separate account is a top priority and that he and Dave Scheatzle are working with the ASU Foundation to accomplish this goal.

VIII. Retirement System Liaison: Alan Johnson reported that the survivor-benefit process is being automated and will shorten the process significantly. Johnson submitted a detailed report.

IX. Education Committee: There was a discussion about the place and date for the annual Retirees Day since the Memorial Union will not be available. Mary Stevens volunteered to assist in organizing the program and asked other Board members to help. Wilma Mathews offered to locate another facility on the Tempe campus on a Saturday in April.

X. Activities Committee: Mary Stevens and Val Peterson have identified a chairperson to lead each of the eight activity interest areas who will contact retiree members responding to the survey. Lois Lehman is updating mail and e-mail addresses for improved communication. Doug Johnson thanked Mary Stevens and Val Peterson for their assistance with the Christmas Party and organizing Activity sub-committees.

XI. Living History Video Project: Bob Francis noted that six of the nine designated individuals were interviewed. Guido Weigand and Paul Hubbard have not been located. The committee will be meeting in March.

XII. Prime Times: David Scheatzle listed the following topics for the next issue of Prime Times: Arizona State Retirement System, Adopt-a-Family Project, ASURA Office reorganization, new Website, Retirees Day, and new Board nominees.

XIII. Adopt-a-Family: Joan Leard reported that she was in the process of completing Christmas shopping for our two adopted families. Gifts will include a 25-pound turkey.

XIV. Website: Bob Beeman announced the new website address is:

XV. CIO: Connie McNeill introduced Carolyn Minner, who will be the Business Manager for ASURA and will assist Bob Beeman in updating membership records and other pertinent information. Lois Lehman is organizing a listserve.

XVI. Old Business: Ted Cary spoke about the possibility of assisting with the Adopt a Mall Project that requires weekly pick-up of a short mall section. A suggestion was made to include a parking decal for these volunteers. This item was tabled for future discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respecfully submitted,

Maxine LaRoux, Secretary