Present: Jerome Aronson, Mat Betz, Elmer Gooding, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Joan Leard, Wilma Mathews, Connie McNeill, Bob Mings, Dick Murra, Val Peterson, Zeke Prust, David Scheatzle, Mary Stevens, George Umberson.

Absent: Charles Backus, Robert Barnhill, Sherre Barron, Bob Beeman, Sue Blumer, Stan Brown, Ted Cary, Christine Cervantes, Bob Francis, Don Gieschen, Andrew Hamilton, Corrinne Irvan, Claudelle L'Ecuyer, Alan Matheson, June Payne, Peggy Randolph, Becky Reiss, Marie Salé, William Verdini, Martha Waltemath, Lou Weschler, Madelyn Wright.

I. Call to Order: Doug Johnson, President, called the meeting to order.

II. Minutes: The October 10, 2007 minutes were approved as written.

III. Emeritus College: Elmer Gooding reported that the Emeritus College is launching a $1 million fund raising effort to set up an endowment. Fourteen courses are being offered through the Tempe Connections by the Emeritus College Academy for Continued Learning.

IV. University Liaison: Wilma Mathews described Homecoming as a big success with an hour long parade. Although the site for the ASURA booth was ideal, very few retirees came by.

V. Treasurer's Report: George Umberson reported a balance of $58,465.34 as of Nov. 5, 2007.

VI. Golf Tournament: There will be a hundred participants in the Nov. 11 tournament and David Scheatzle expects a return of approximately $15,000.

VII. Computer Report: Connie McNeill explained her assessment of the computer needs of the ASURA office. A motion from the Executive Committee to purchase computer hardware and software, not to exceed $5,000, was passed by the Board unanimously.

VIII: Prime Times: Dave Scheatzle listed the following topics for the January issue: ASRS payment to surviving spouses, Homecoming, and the development of activity interest areas.

IX. Adopt-a-Family: The Tempe Elementary District family is made up of a mother, who is a nursing student at Scottsdale Community College in addition to working, and five children. An ASU student, who is a junior at ASU pursuing a degree in special education besides working in the Adult Re-entry Program office, has two chilren and will be our second family. Food and treats will be provided for Thanksgiving and clothing, toys and food will be given in December. Joan Leard, chairperson, will present a budget for this project in December.

X. Web site: Connie McNeill described the design of a new ASURA Web site that will include a welcome page and other interesting new features.

XI. New Business: The formation of a Strategic Planning Committee was presented by the President, Doug Johnson. Possible goals and ways to support will be developed.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine LaRoux