Present: Mat Betz, Bob Beeman, Sue Blumer, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Elmer Gooding, Andrew Hamilton, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Alan Matheson, Wilma Matthews, Connie McNeill, Bob Mings, Dick Murra, June Payne, Zeke Prust, Peggy Randolph, Marie Salé, David Scheatzle, George Umberson, William Verdine

Absent: Jerome Aronson, Charles Backus, Robert Barnhill, Sherre Barron, Stan Brown, Christine Cervantes, Don Gieschen, Corrine Irvan, Alan Johnson, Joan Leard, Claudelle L'Ecuyer, Val Peterson, Becky Reiss, Mary Stevens, Martha Waltemath, Lou Weschler.

I. Call to Order: Doug Johnson, President, called the meeting to order. Andrew Hamilton was welcomed as the representative of the Classified Staff Council.

II. Minutes: The September 12, 2007 minutes were approved as written.

III. Academic Senate: William Verdini explained that the Academic Senate is in the process of creating a University-wide Senate with one manual and one Constitution and By-Laws. He discussed the establishment of the required ASU 101 course, the new PeopleSoft computer system, and Dean reviews. A major University goal is freshman retention.

IV. Emeritus College: Elmer Gooding reported on the following issues: pay for emeriti, parking decals, and replacing the term "Insturctor" with "Emeriti" in the Class Schedule.

V. University Liaison: Wilma Matthews spoke about the exceptional interest in seating for the Homecoming football game at 7 p.m. October 27. For the Homecoming Block Party a large tent for ASURA with seating and eating space will be located near the Health Services building from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.

VI. Treasurer's Report: George Umberson reported a balance of $39,137.94 as of October 5, 2007. Work is proceeding on establishing a secondaccount for Golf Tournament funds.

VI. Membership: Elmer Gooding stated the renewal notices will be sent to 336 members this week. Current membership number is 969.

VII. Retirement System: Doug Johnson and Alan Johnson attended a recent meeting of the Arizona State Retirement System and said that the investment fund returns are good and are 84% funded. The current health insurance contract ends in 2008.

VIII. University Club: Zeke Prust said the the University Club of Arizona State University President, Larry Hilton, is requesting support of yearly events such as Colloquiums, holidays and homecoming activities.

IX. Education Committee: Sue Blumer explained that preparation for the annual February Retirees Day is urgent and the committee would welcome new members.

X. Health Insurance: Dick Murra announced that members of the Arizona State Retirement System health insurance can change to the Arizona Department of Administration health and/or dental insurance this year. Sessions will be scheduled for further information at the ASURA office. The attached report gives more details. A suggestion was made to combine health insurance and membership renewal mailings.

XI. Activities Committee: A Christmas Coffee is planned for December 4 at the Community Services Building. Attached is a committee report.

XII. Video History Project: Bob Francis submitted a budget of $15,900 for 2007-08. The committee will be meeting October 18 to plan 12 interviews. A suggestion was made to have an interview with Bobby Winkles available for viewing/sale at the Golf Tournament Nov. 12.

XIII. Scholarship: Sue Blumer announced the committee will be meeting October 30.

XIV. Prime Times: The next issue of Prime Times will be in January. David Scheatzle reminded the Board that a new editor is needed.

XV. Volunteer Program: Peggy Randolph submitted an analysis of Member Volunteers. Recommendations were made to improve the volunteer form by describing the various options, listing the committee chair and telephone number, the frequency of committee meetings and eliminating out-dated options.

XVI. Web site: As of September 12 the Web site has received 65 contacts. Connie McNeill is assisting Bob Beeman with the Web site. Any materials for inclusion on the Web site should be sent to Webmaster Beeman as a "Word for Windows" document and pictures or graphics as jpeg files.

XVII. Old Business: David Scheatzle reported that "players and checks" are being received for the Nov. 12 Golf Tournament that will be preceded by a lunch and followed by a barbecue.

XVIII. New Business: A motion was made by Mat Betz and approved to create a small committee to determin alternative projects for funding from Golf Tournament proceeds. Mat Betz, David Scheatzle, and Doug Johnson will comprise the committee.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine LaRoux