Present: Jerome Aronson, Robert Barnhill, Bob Beeman, Sue Blumer, Ted Cary, Bob Francis, Don Gieschen, Elmer Gooding, Alan Johnson, Doug Johnson, Maxine LaRoux, Joan Leard, Alan Matheson, Wilma Matthews, Connie McNeill, Dick Murra, June Payne, Val Peterson, Zeke Prust, Marie Sale', David Scheatzle, Mary Stevens, and George Umberson

Absent: Mat Betz, Charles Backus, Sheree Barron or Christine Cervantes, Stan Brown, Corrine Irvan, Claudelle L'Ecuyer, Bob Mings, Bob Rankin, Becky Reiss, Scott Smas, William Verdini, Martha Waltemath, Lou Weschler

I. President's Report: New Board members were introduced: Connie McNeill, Val Peterson (Vice President), and Bob Barnhill. Appreciation was expressed to Dave Scheatzle for his work on the Summer 2007 Prime Times.

II. University Liaison: Wilma Matthews will reserve a Homecoming Block Party tent for ASURA. The Block Party is scheduled for 3 p.m. and the football game will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27. Approval was given for the attractive new logo for ASURA letterhead and website.

III. Emeritus College: A new representative will be chosen for the Emeritus College to replace Lou Weschler since he is not able to attend.

IV. Treasurer's Report: George Umberson reported a balance of $39,154.94 as of September 10, 2007. Discussion continued about separating and/or expanding Golf Tournament income beyond the Video History project.

V. Membership: Elmer Gooding stated that second notices will be sent to 357 members who have not renewed for the current fiscal year. Christine Cervantes from Human Resources is providing quarterly lists of current retirees which is helpful. Our membership total is 969. An article regarding Associate Membership will be in the next Prime Times.

VI. Legislative Liaison Council: Jerome Aronson said that there was a minimum of action regarding retirees during the last Legislative Session. Also, ASU Day at the Capitol has less impact after reorganization by the ASU Alumni Association.

VII. Retirement System Liaison: Alan Johnson discussed the current status of the ASRS financial standing including the slight impact of the "sub-prime" lending crisis, changes in investment including Private Equity and Real Estate. The fund's earning rate was a respectable 17.8% on its $25 billion total value. Attached is a copy of the entire report.

VIII. University Club: Zeke Prust announced that Larry Hilton, a strong Alumni Board member, is the new president of the University Club. The official name is now "University Club of Arizona State University."

IX. Education: Sue Blumer explained that she and Claudelle L'Ecuyer will be co-chairs of the Education Committee.

X. Health Insurance: Dick Murra reported that he had received a draft of the upcoming Retirees Health Insurance Open Enrollment without premium rates. He explained a change in Delta Dental Insurance for porcelain ceramic crowns, in that the patient can be charged for the entire billed amount. Payment based on the amount allowed by Delta Dental is still in effect for caste crowns.

XI. Activities: Mary Stevens explained that she would like to initiate a conference call with former chairs and others regarding ideas for activities. A list of members' activity interests is also available. Providing two minor events plus a major event in the Spring and Fall were suggested such as procuring a block of tickets for performances at the Herberger or Gammage Auditorium or lunch at the University Club of ASU.

XII. Video History Project: Bob Francis distributed copies of the ASU Logo for history videos and the DVD front cover. Bob will submit a current budget at the October meeting.

XIII. Prime Times: David Scheatzle reported that the next issue of "Prime Times" will be published in January 2008. David requested a co-chair be named to allow him to step down in the near future.

XIV. Golf Tournament: The Karsten Golf Tournament is scheduled for November 12, 2007 with registration at 11 a.m. and tee time scheduled for 12:15 p.m. A barbecue will follow for golfers and non-golfers.

XV. Adopt-a-Family: Thank-you notes were received from last year's families. The children from the Tempe Elementary School District whose parents died are now living with their grandparents. After a brief discussion it was decided to accept a family consisting of a mother and five children. Joan Leard will submit a budget and will select one of the ten ASU student applicants.

XVI. Scholarship: Sue Blumer received a letter from the 2007-08 Scholarship student, Nicole Kennedy. The Scholarship Committee will re-write a change in the student criteria for Board approval.

XVII. Volunteer Program: Marie Sale' stated that she is in the process of matching volunteers with requested areas.

XVIII. Website: Bob Beeman reported 163 contacts even though the site was down part of the summer. The sebsite will be moving to a different system in the near future. Anyone interested in assisting with the maintenance and/or redesign of the website should contact Bob.

Respectfully submitted,

Maxine LaRoux