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Prime Times Summer 2021

Summer Prime Times - Check it Out!

The latest issue of Prime Times has great articles about the 3rd Decade of Success book, the Tri-university meeting in February, a detailed review of the legislative actions up to May and much more.


Open Enrollment Seminar



2022 Open Enrollment Seminar

You will not want to miss the ASURA Medicare-ADOA-ASRS 2022 Open Enrollment Seminar. The seminar will be virtual which means you can watch and participate from the comfort of your home

Third Decade Book Cover

Celebrating A Third Decade of Success

The Third Decade of Success, a companion to the earlier first and second decade books, is now available online and hard cover. Hard copies are available for all members. Contact the ASURA Office at 480-965-7668 for information on how to get your copy.